There’s no way I could fit what is now 18 years of designs into one site. There’s no way I’d want to, do you remember what the 90’s were like for design? Makes me shudder. Instead, here is a sampling of different types of sites I’ve worked on recently.* Since employers discovered I was very good at front end dev, my time on design has been limited to in-browser and smaller projects. I do however still design graphics, am in the process of revamping’s website, and draw a bit on an ipad pro (the little scribble guy up there and his scenes). ┬áIn case you’re curious for whom I worked, the resume is just a click away.

*Please note, an update is forthcoming as I’ve been busy lately creating CSS + HTML frameworks to wrap around Angular apps. Whole lotta fun, that’s been.

Types of Sites I've Worked on:

  • eCommerce
  • Online Education
  • Realty
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Library
  • Banking
  • Small Business
  • Portal
  • Mining
  • Film Festival
  • Tourism
  • Retail

CSS Poet-ing


See them all at the source

The holy grail layout with Flexbox

As long as there have been 3 column layouts, there has been the dilemma of how to structure them so each of the columns are equal height, no matter the content. Flex lets us do this, for browsers that support it. See the Pen

See the Pen Flex-box 'holy grail' layout by fay-lisa (@fay-lisa) on CodePen.

The holy grail layout old school style

If you need support down to IE8 (god forbid, but it happens more than you know. I'm looking at you, government computers), and still need a mobile-first, holy grail layout, this is the way to go. While new devs take this for granted, this was nigh IMPOSSIBLE until recently.

See this on CodePen


Simple Design for Product

Genesis Executive