“Done is better than perfect.” Miss Cloe, of Artropolis Media told me that over coffee recently and it’s stuck like a burr to the side of my head. No site is ever perfect. Most websites are in one stage or another of evolution, and to wait until it’s “perfect” means it never ships (great read on it from An Event Apart’s 2013 presentation by Jeffrey Zeldman). That being said, these are equally important:

Good Design

Good design puts content first. It makes navigation effortless, and it conveys in a single moment the emotional response you’re after from your viewer.

Good design is always shifting around in its chair. Pushing boundaries is always good, walking into unknown territory is fantastic, but at the end of the day, the site I build has to do what the viewer needs it to do.

If your visitor has to fumble for a ‘hidden’ navigation, or wonder what on earth the site they’ve landed on is about, the design has failed.

Clean Code

Great design needs legs to stand on. The best site online needs the code behind it to make it fly not just on one device, but as close to all as possible. With the surge in mobile use, the need for clean, well-written code becomes vital.

I read + write CSS, and HTML. I understand it as fluently as I understand english. I believe that code should be efficient, organized, and succinct. I don’t copy and paste snippets of code from somewhere else; I build it as lovingly as a poet builds a sonnet.


I won’t promise you the moon. If you ask if I can get something done on time and under budget I’ll tell you the truth. Most often it’s ‘yes’. I’ve pulled off a seemingly impossible deadline (4 days, custom wordpress development + content), but I’m not at all afraid to tell you the actual time – no padding, no fluff – your project will take.

I believe we have to be brutally honest with our clients, with our colleagues, and with ourselves. So when I tell you I can do something, I can actually stand behind that.

What it All Means

I’m passionate about my craft. Good design and clean code are important to me, so I strive to do it well, and hopefully set examples for others. Mentoring has been a great way to pass this on, the importance of knowing what you’re writing in that stylesheet.

It means, in short, that any site I build for you, will do exactly what I say it will. It will show up in every browser, on every device beautifully and function the way it should. I stick to budgets, and I make deadlines. Your site, your project, is just as important to me, as it is to you.