I started designing in the mid-90's. When MacroMedia was THE thing, when Fireworks was the editor of choice, especially for those cool animated gifs we peppered on everything. When web design was still laughed at by the majority as 'not a real job'. Before there was any class, or course for it. I learned how to design by designing.

These are some of the programs I use, and have used, and am learning how to use (I'm looking at you Adobe xd).

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Adobe xd

Over 20 years later, I am still learning. Constantly. Aside from the tools always changing, we now have more data driven ways to analyze how design affects those we want to reach. There's a lot to be said for accessing instinct here too. For years while the lead designer for a firm in Colorado, I could sit in on a client meeting for 10 minutes, and know what they wanted. For 5 years, without fail, I could read what our client needed and give it to them. Data is great; instinct is invaluable.

I miss those days. Now, I read other designer's minds when I code. I can be handed a half-done mockup and still know what the designer was intending. I can watch the flow of a user experience and catch the little snags that pull on the threads of your sleeve. I use the years of psychology classes to interpret what I'm being asked for, into what is needed.

I love creating beautiful, functional design, and believe it's crucial to our user's experience in the wild. My designs are never justified with 'it's pretty that way', instead relying on data and demographic considerations, sussing out what's a fad and what's good solid design that will communicate the intention to the user within moments.

Ah Ha!

So the drawback to working on really awesome apps and sites that have as of yet been released is that a lot of them are under NDAs still. And as I have a great deal of respect for those I've worked with, those designs will have to wait to be displayed until it's cleared I can do so.

Yes, I do have zip file after zip file of designs I've created, loved, hated, launched, spanning from 1997 until well - this site's design. And yes, I will subject you to the ones I'm proud of. Which are fewer than I'd like. The site was recently re-launched, so those are coming.

For now, this little boxed letter telling you that it's on it's way will have to do. And a little section on the types of sites, apps, and digital products I've actually designed. Is it typical to do this? Nope. I'm not typical.

  • Digital Menus
  • WordPress custom themes
  • Film Festival
  • Museum sites
  • UX design: flagship app
  • Banking site
  • In-Store Product Menus
  • Information Portal
  • Small business
  • UI design: PoS app
  • Travel sites
  • Library sites