I write CSS + HTML. I use LESS, SASS, and vanilla CSS, depending on project. This is, professionally, nearly all I've done since 1997. Seeing iterations of browsers and OSes (that's a word, right? It's a word now) from IE5, Netscape and Windows to modern day devices and releases that dramatically affect how code is interpreted has set up a lasting habit of writing clean, non-hacky code.

I've taken OCD from a place of 'have to', to a place of 'do I get to?', focusing it on organization, naming policies that make sense and the DRY method of writing CSS. Every day is an adventure in code, every single discovery is as exciting as the first time I made something appear on a web page with just CSS. I absolutely LOVE what I do.

I've written CSS + HTML frameworks from the ground up for award-winning apps and websites, a Point of Sale system and backend product management. And very soon, I will take the writing I've done my entire life, and put it in a room with my experience with CSS + HTML. I have much to share.

One of the apps I wrote my largest framework for, while at Ayogo, has been released into the wild and I am unimaginably proud; AllyQuest. You can read up on the study taking place around it here: A Gamified Smartphone App to Support Engagement in Care and Medication Adherence for HIV-Positive Young Men

As well as Ayogo's official pilot study here: AllyQuest Pilot Study Results: App Usage Positively Correlated With Self-management Outcomes

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Empower Framework

Flagship product

I wrote the CSS + HTML framework for Ayogo's flagship product, Empower. I worked alongside designers, UX specialists, psychologists and developers to create a re-usable, whitelabelled, modular app frame to use as a base going forward. The devs later worked with me to inject angular modules into the framework.

Organizing, executing and documenting a year long project with so many intricasies was one of the most profound learning experiences in my career. It is still the project I am most proud of.

Elements Coded Include

  • onboarding tutorial
  • user profile + avatar picker
  • graphs for user to track data
  • mobile + ipad layouts
  • social forum + friends list
  • working around angular modules in app

Sleep Guru

Released by Merck

image of Sleep Guru's welcome screen, a warm yellow sunset over orange-colored water

The app that inspired the writing of a custom framework for all of the company's products going forward.

All CSS was custom-written from the ground up specifically for this project. I worked with an incredibly talented designer and dev team to make this great insomnia app a reality.

The app has been released on iTunes, however is only available for Merck's American customers.

Preview the app

Screens Coded Include

  • onboarding screens
  • dashboard
  • task list and details page
  • virtual coach
  • sleep tracking page
  • ratings page
image of a group of casually dressed virtual coaches, smiling on fit2me's site as seen on a mobile device


Released by AstraZeneca

An app and a separate website that help patients with chronic health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart condition, high cholesterol and heart conditions lose weight by using gamification to change their eating and physical activity habits.

I was brought on board mid-project to get the CSS under control and make it easier to build, manage, and maintain. During this I was the only dev member overseeing writing and re-building the HTML + CSS behind it.

The website is available to all, so please hop over and run through it. The app is on iTunes, however is only available for American customers.

See the website Preview the app

Screens Coded Include

  • onboarding process
  • activity, food, fitness center
  • medication tracker, calendars, scheduling
  • medical info gathering
  • social page (message board)
  • profile page, avatar selection


Corporate Website

Ayogo was one of my favorite places to work, paired with an excellent dev team and brilliant designers. I was lucky to have had 2 years there and I loved working with such gifted people.

I wrote a custom WordPress teme while there, implementing plugins as necessary to help marketing manage traffic and SEO. Hubspot was integrated for landing pages and actionable pages gathering data. Design was created by our gifted designer, whom I worked closely with for usability and alternate layouts.

screenshot of ayogo.com's website

The theme, CSS + HTML were all my responsibility as was maintaining it while there.

See the website

Elements Coded Include

  • every visible screen on website
  • WordPress custom theme: PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery
  • mobile + website layouts
  • helping marketing update website