So You Want to Find Me

I’m currently accepting clients for website design and/or code work. ‘Clients’ includes contract and office work as well, so don’t be shy if you’re sitting in an office right now. Drop me a line, let’s meet up for coffee and conversation and hopefully enjoy some sunshine while it lasts.

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But…but how much will this cost me?

Consultations are always free. We sit, we chat about your vision for your site, or if you have a design already, we talk about how you want your site to behave. I’ll likely make suggestions, take notes and give you a homework list (usually, your 3 favourite sites and why, any logo material you may already have drawn up, that sort of thing). There won’t be a test, don’t worry.

Quotes are incredibly hard to give without knowing the scope of a project. It truly depends on your budget, your vision, and your timeline. I can always find solutions to a small budget and a big project, and I do love working with clients.