I hestitate to call any of this 'art', to be honest, as I hold art to a far higher standard than what you'll likely see here. But I created it, either by drawing or holding a camera, and I'd like to think there are artistic echoes in both. I hope you like them.

Stuff I draw

Doodles and sketches and bears, oh my

I bought myself an iPad Pro when it was released, not only for the device-rush, but to try and practice drawing. I was great at stick figures and my little Imum (my little figure all over the site), but I wanted to try my hand at something more.

image of pink hand drawn fictional flowers that somewhat resemble a poppy. I can't draw true-to-life really
a small, large-headed character I've been doodling for the last 15 years. He makes appearances occasionally on my site
another small, large-headed character looking down forlornly at the heart that's left its body
a drawing of a top-down shot of my black fat cat, Petunia

What I Take

Odd title, that was.

I also, having bought myself a decent camera recently, am dabbling in photography. They're not magazine-level by far, just fun and pretty shots taken while I learn how a mirrorless camera works.

Hop over to the photography site

a picture of my cat Petunia, grumpily staring at the camera, with a christmas tree and a fireplace in the background

The inspiration for the drawings, I'd love to say Petunia likes the new camera and poses appropriately. However, she does not.

I love cities at night. I love how the clouds cling to the lights in candy floss-like swirls. I absolutely love that the new camera can capture it all.

a picture taken from my balcony, the city of Coquitlam at night with fog winding between the buildings
a macro shot of a deeply red raspberry, showing droplets of condensation

I've also recently delved into the world of macro photography, something I've admired and loved for some time. So I take macros of nearly everything.

Visit the site to see (larger, full sized) photos I've taken so far, with a smattering of writing thrown in. Occasionally poetry. Very particular mood, poetry is though.

Visit the photography site