Snowboarding Monarch Mountain. Bliss.I grew up on a farm in Ontario, just north of Toronto. I saw my first computer at 7 years old and the question that burned into my wee thoughts was – ‘how does it WORK?’ A question that still drives me forward <insert vague number of years here> later.

It didn’t take long for me to tool around with the fledgling internet, and find out I was actually good at this website thing. I started making money from it in the mid-90’s, and got professional at it by 1998. This is what I was built to do. I do this in my spare time. It’s not just a career.

I started out as a pure designer, spending years crafting art for websites, until my programmer changed careers right around 2000. I decided to learn how to code up the CSS and HTML behind the sites and do it myself. That curiosity of ‘how does this work?’ pushed me to teach myself code at a time when there was no class for it. I loved every moment of learning it, and still do to this day.

I love code – code being CSS, HTML and some jQuery, with a sprinkling of PHP – for its creative way of shifting and evolving to bring new solutions to those of us who are molding how the ‘net behaves. I love creating beautiful, functional design, and believe it’s crucial to our user’s experience in the wild ‘net. My designs are never justified with ‘it’s pretty that way’, instead relying on data and demographic considerations, sussing out what’s trendy (a bad thing a few years down the road when the trend dies out), and what’s good solid design that will communicate the intention to the user within moments.

A long way from a farm with a rotary phone, and that very first computer with a tape drive. A wonderful journey it’s been, and continues to be in an industry that never, ever stands still.