I grew up on a farm in Ontario, just north of Toronto. I saw my first computer at 7 years old and the question that burned into my wee thoughts was - 'how does it WORK?' A question that still drives me to keep learning <insert vague number of years here> later.

It didn't take long for me to tool around with the fledgling internet, and find out I was actually good at not just design, but code. The more I worked with CSS, the more I was drawn to it and the more I fell in love with it. This is what I was built to do.

Snowboarding Monarch Mountain. Bliss.

I am also an author in the process of writing novels both fiction and non-fiction. I'm undertaking a project right now to help those with mental illness. I've recently taken up photography. I've snowboarded (and miss the powder of Colorado dearly), skateboarded, white-water rafted some seriously scary water in the Arkansas river, and driven all over the States.

I love adventuring, learning, expanding where it is I came from. I believe I'm here to help, to use my gift for code and design as a medium for change. What change that is, and where it'll take me, I'm still discovering.