My name is fay-lisa.

I fix wayward CSS.

I write CSS & HTML frameworks for websites & award-winning apps.

I free up your developers to do what they do best, while making your product beautiful, functional, & compatible.

Imum, a hand drawn character, holding its baloon


I create advanced, cross-browser + cross-platform compatible, standards-compliant CSS frameworks tailored for individual projects, using LESS/SASS/Vanilla CSS + HTML. They're coded mobile-first and annotated extensively so those that come after me know what's what.

I also work with existing CSS, either in pre-built frameworks like Bootstrap, or plain CSS in legacy web applications. I'm often hired to improve and make existing code easier to maintain, read, and expand upon.

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Little Imum, my favorite little character to draw


I sketch and draw on an iPad Pro, which has been so much fun to explore. I also take interesting pictures for fun (I'm in love with macro photography), and write both fiction and non-fiction. Yup, I consider all of those art.

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Macro shot of a raspberry
A perspective drawing of Petunia, my most beloved cat


And bridging gaps

I design modern websites and apps with the end user in mind, paying attention to behaviour, workflow, user-flow and best practices based on 20 years of experience from the birth of the web to today's evolving ecosystem.

I work directly with developers in order to make their applications effective, and I work directly with marketers and other designers to make sure their vision is functional, accessible, and easy to maintain.

I can read a designer's mind because I am one, and I have both set up frameworks ahead of time for programmers, and come in after they're done to make the app/website work on everything.

I bridge the gap between. It's kinda what I do.

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